Date: 17.06.2021 6.17am


This is the most basic example of ratings.


Used when we want stars with a saved rating.

Score Name

Changes the name of the hidden score field.


Changes the number of stars.

Number Max

Change the max number of stars that can be created.

Read Only

You can prevent users from voting. It can be applied with or without a score.

Not Rated Message

If readOnly is enabled and there is no score, the hint "Not rated yet!" will be shown for all stars. But you can change it. Hover the mouse over the star to see:

Half Show

You can represent a float score as a half star icon.


Half Rating

Enables the half star mouseover to make voting with half values possible.


Changes the hint for each star by it position on array.


Changes the path where your icons are located. Set it only if you want the same path for all icons.


Add a cancel button on the left side of the stars to cacel the score.

Custom Icon

Use any icon you want.

Icon Font

Use any icon you want.

Icon Range

Is an array of objects where each one represents a custom icon. The range attribute is where the icon will be displayed (out of the five stars).

How To Use

Basic Use HTML
<div class="rating rating-default"></div>
Js Activation
$.fn.raty.defaults.path = 'assets/images/rating/'

For more Information please follow the Official Documentation